A Piece Of Mine

by Indulin


I'm very proud to present my first release! With help of the Swish I finally managed to compile some of my tracks, a mixture of old and new material I've been producing over the last few years, experimenting with the possibilities of my setup and doing my personal interpretation of Acid!
I hope you will like the tracks and I'm looking forward to hear your feedback, positive or negative, as there's still so much to learn for me!
I have to say thanks to all good electronic music out there for keeping me inspired,
thanks to all people who believe in me and support what I do, and of course thanks to Swishcotheque Records for putting this one out!!
Enjoy :-)!


released October 19, 2011

All tracks written and produced by Victor Indus
“Papangapang Club” vocals written and performed by Klara Truong

Artwork by Victor Indus

"A Piece Of Mine" released on SWISHCOtheque Records (www.swishco.co.uk), get it there (www.swishco.co.uk/indulin/a-piece-of-mine) and check out many other talented artists!



Indulin Heidelberg, Germany

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